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Consulting Skills Training Plan and
Semi-Customized Training Workshops

Client profile

Our client is a global BioPharma company focused on the discovery, development and delivery of innovative medicines. The client’s current corporat e strategy is to uniquely combine the reach and resources of a major pharma company with the entrepreneurial spirit and agility of a successful biotech company. With implementation of this strategy came internal reorganization which included developing in-house capabilities in disciplines that had historically been outsourced functions.

Client Objective

To align with the new corporate strategy, the client’s Forecasting department was redesigned with a new purpose approximately one year prior to engaging P31 Consulting’s help. The Forecasting group desired to make changes in its approach to collaborating with and supporting its internal clients by embracing a more deliberate consultative approach and establish itself as expert, trusted advisors within the company, especially within the marketing teams.

Barriers – Getting in the Way

The Forecasting group had historically managed external consultants to produce forecasting reports for its domestic (US) and global brand teams, and were now expected to bring production and the associated forecasting methodology expertise in-house. The current staff had expertise in forecasting and managing contractors but not in working with internal clients to determine appropriate design and testing of Forecasting methodology. Their collective skill level in this type of collaborative work was novice at best. Though department staff had successfully assumed their new roles within the organization, after thorough review of feedback received from its internal clients, observations of its own work flow and reflective, honest self-assessment, the group determined that it needed to make changes in its approach to collaborating with and supporting its internal clients. The Forecasting staff wanted to learn and apply a more deliberate consultative approach but no consulting expertise or training existed within the organization and the training department was not charged with overseeing this type of specialized training.

Project Objective

As a part of the Forecasting group’s rebranding effort, it desired to use a cost-effective, customizable, established consulting skills develop ment program that would enable it to identify and learn how to leverage its strengths and quickly develop and/or improve skills that would significantly and positively impact communication and collaboration.

Services Delivered

To help the client meet the project objective, the following services were successfully delivered.

  • Validated and identified target, high priority skill development needs via interviews with Forecasting employees and internal clients (i.e. Marketing)
  • Developed and summarized prioritized list of skill development requirements
  • Designed skill development plan to include facilitated discussion, exercises, examples and practice activities relevant to the Forecasting group’s roles, responsibilities and interactions with internal clients
  • Developed a series of three layered but distinct skill building workshops.
    • Workshops were scheduled and directly aligned with critical, annual business activities where application of the new skills could be applied
    • Each workshop built upon the skills learned in the previous workshop (cumulative learning design)
    • Workshops focused on consulting foundations, facilitation skills and communicating complex messages to non-technical audiences

Project Outcomes / Business Outcomes

As a result of participating in the skill development workshops and, subsequently applying the new and improved skills, the Forecasting group realized:

  • Increased perception by internal clients of its value and its ability to innovate
  • More collaborative relationships within and across work groups and teams
  • Improved clarity of communication
  • More efficiently and effectively managed projects
  • Ongoing improvement in relationships with internal clients
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