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Learn from the Chinese – Active Listening

Posted: Mar 7, 2014

Are your two modes of communication (1) speaking and (2) waiting to speak?

The Chinese character for the word listen is made up of characters for ears, eyes and heart.  All three should be engaged in actively listening.  God gave us TWO ears and only one mouth for a reason!


 Listen - Chinese Characters

If you find yourself speaking too much, remember these acronyms

1.  "WAIT" - Why AI Talking? 

When you hear yourself talking, tell yourself WAIT

2.  “WAIST” - Why Am I Still Talking?! 

When you are going on and on and on, tell yourself not to WAIST others’ time (yes, I know that waist is not spelled quite right, but you get the idea!)


Listening is the best way to understand your customers, clients, peers, and team members and earn the right to be heard!



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Image courtesy of an incredibly bright professional that attended one of our courses!

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