'Thank you, Mr. Mandela - A New Way to Say 'No'' from P31 Consulting, LLC

Thank you, Mr. Mandela - A New Way to Say 'No'

Posted: Dec 6, 2013

We can learn from Nelson Mandela how to say 'no' respectfully.

On December 4, 2013, I presented a question to the LinkedIn group, Communications Professionals, regarding different ways to say 'no'. I specifically asked:

What creative and effective ways have you heard or said 'no' without actually saying the word 'no' - but while being completely sensitive to the requestor (not rude)?

EPICOMM responded to my question in the form of a blog entitled, "A new way to say "no".", and in the spirit of the December 5 global remembrance of Mr. Mandela referenced a quote from this great man.

Read the article (http://epicomm.ca/a-new-way-to-say-no/#!) then Tweet @P31_LLC_USA or email me (tish@p31-consulting.com) to share your thoughts.



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