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Survival through Storytelling

Posted: Sep 18, 2018

P31 Consulting worked with the Primary Intelligence Team at IQVIA to support their efforts in helping their team make its client presentations even more effective. Their clients appreciate a focus on telling a business story relevant to them and eliminating excess information.  

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

Our client, Terri Crudup, a Senior Principal from Primary Intelligence at IQVIA wrote this article to her team on the importance of telling a business story in presentations:


We all work in the business of market research. We analyze data, crunch numbers, and report findings. So why in the world would I ever care about how to tell a good story?

That is pretty much what went through my mind when I attended a healthcare conference years ago and a speaker presented on the storytelling topic. I remember accepting a free copy of the speaker’s book (read: self-promotion) with a polite smile and thinking “this one will collect dust on my bookshelf for sure.”

Fast forward to May 2018 where I preach the ways of storyline reporting, bringing out the story in a crisp, clear way, and paring down the number of slides we have in final presentations. So, you may wonder what changed to make me drink the Kool-Aid? One word: Survival.

Winning business in the world of Primary Market Research (PMR) is not easy. It is highly competitive and basic custom research border on commodity. I believe the way we go about doing our work and that final report deliverable are what lives on in our clients’ minds the next time they go to bid a new project. Any PMR firm can create custom data. But can they report it in a way that really breaks through the clutter and provides insights to our clients? The companies that can are the ones better positioned to win that next study.

I highly encouraged my team members who worked on client deliverable reports to attend the storytelling training. Some of the principles may seem trivial or even radical at first, but they are part of what will help us not only survive, but win and thrive as we keep pushing the boundaries of great market research forward.


Thanks to Terri for agreeing to share her article with P31 and all of you! 

The P31 Team (info@p31-consulting.com)


P31 workshops provide coaching on how to do this, do it well and do it consistently. Our workshop, “Storytelling with Research Results & Data: Creating and Communicating Persuasive, Engaging Business Stories”, will enable you to transform how you write and deliver your evidence-based reports, presentations and proposals – immediately.

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