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Do you present technical information to non-technical business professionals?

Posted: Feb 23, 2017

The Situation

After presenting to non-technical audiences, do you sometimes find yourself wondering:

  • ‘Why don’t they understand?’, or
  • ‘Why don’t they get what I am saying?’, or
  • ‘Why are they asking me so many questions when the information/data is so clear?’


Assuming the results of your research are thorough and credible, the issue is most likely not in what you are presenting but how you are communicating it.

What’s The Fix?

To be successful when presenting technical information you must be able to describe that information in a way that:

  • - Engages your audience

  • - Interests your audience (and maintains their interest)

    - Uses audience-relevant language CONSISTENTLY

    - Helps your audience remember the most important information or take away messages after the presentation has concluded

  • Most of you, after reading the above, are thinking, “Yeah, I know this already!” But we find that while most people know that they should make their presentations/reports engaging, interesting, audience-relevant and memorable, they don’t actually ‘know how’ to do this.

    How do you Fix it?

    Here are a few easy-to-apply tips we share in our workshops that help technical presenters and report writers better connect with their non-technical audiences.

Persuasive. How? Give your audience a good reason why the conclusions are relevant to them. To strengthen the persuasion, consider also providing a benefit of them knowing and having the information you are sharing.

Convincing. How? Rather than simply providing findings and conclusions, include a cause for the conclusion, a potential/real effect of the conclusion or some combination of both. Take your evidence-based conclusions beyond a simple synthesis of data to insightful, convincing messages.

Engaging. How? Mention your audience by name. Also mention what the message you are sharing means to them. It is even ok if they disagree. Why? Because it means that they are engaged. If they disagree, apply your great facilitation skills to manage the conversation from there!


The P31 Team (info@p31-consulting.com)


P31 workshops provide coaching on how to do this, do it well and do it consistently. Our workshop, “Storytelling with Research Results & Data: Creating and Communicating Persuasive, Engaging Business Stories”, will enable you to transform how you write and deliver your evidence-based reports – immediately.

P31 asked professionals who attended our workshops when they began using the skills we taught them and how long they continued to use them. Guess what? 100% of them began using what they learned immediately (some even updated presentations over lunch) and continue to use the skills today!

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