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Tish is an Inventor. What is your Presenter Type?

Posted: Nov 4, 2014

3 bullets on a slide.

1 slide per minute.

Stand Still.

Don't fidget, memorize your slides.

Presenter Type Survey

Now get up in front of a 100 people and do what I just told you. If you have been to presentation training, you have probably heard many of these “Rules” before. You’ve been given the “right” way to present; the ONLY way to present. Yet it somehow feels like an unnatural act.

There are 6 types of presenters. If you understand which one you are, if you understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, you can improve how you present. But the path forward is not the same for everyone.

There is a great (and quick!) survey you can take to determine your presenter type. Take the survey now!


To learn more about the 6 Presenter Types visit one of P31's favorite websites, www.fassforward.com or email Gavin of fassfoward at gavin@fassforward.com.

As always, to learn more about how to develop and deliver INSIGHTFUL messages, contact us (P31!) at info@p31-consulting.com. We help our clients create the compelling story, www.fassforward.com can help you deliver it most effectively based upon YOUR Presentation Type. What a team!

Email me at tish@p31-consulting.com or Tweet @P31_LLC_USA to let me know your Presenter Type.



Much thanks to Gavin, Jess and the rest of the www.fassforward.com team for allowing us to share their article - yes, Gavin is the author of this great Illuminating Insight!


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