Learning and Development

Learning & Development

From e-learning to face-to-face programs, P31 professionals offer knowledge and skills training and development that repeatedly exceed clients’ expectations and improve business performance in the life sciences and management consulting industries.

Our clients benefit from a broad range of learning and development opportunities and support including:

Skills development programs

We offer customizable courses and training modules in leadership, coaching, communication, presentations, teamwork and collaboration, decision-making, client relationship management, change management and many other skills to help your staff members reach their greatest potential.

Global and domestic training facilitation

We specialize in preparing employees to work in a global business environment. We have successfully designed, developed and delivered training for cross-cultural classrooms, including programs in over 20 countries.

Pharma Key Opinion Leader (KOL) engagement support

To help our pharma clients remain compliant as KOL involvement increasingly becomes the purview of medical not marketing support, we serve as strategic business partners to develop and manage integrated KOL Collaboration Plans that successfully identify, align and engage global stakeholders toward the achievement of business objectives.

Our Collaboration Plans:

  • Provide consistency and promote compliance
  • Support appropriate level of engagement/interaction with global KOLs
  • Facilitate KOL Engagement, Symposia, Advisory Boards, and Summits

Our Team Includes:

  • Management consultants
  • Leadership development experts
  • Organizational development experts and thought leaders
  • Internationally recognized media preparation experts
  • Strategy experts
  • Certified change management consultants
  • Executive coaches

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