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KOL Engagement

We are KOL Engagement strategists who partner with our clients to develop and implement effective KOL engagement plans and programs

  • We are NOT a meeting management company.
  • There is so much more to successful KOL engagement than 'meeting management'. Meeting management is just one part.
    • The most important part is establishing effective, mutually beneficial relationships with KOLs and, ultimately, developing effective ways to engage and learn from them. Meeting managers don't do this, we do. 
      • We are KOL Engagement Strategists and Program Moderators.
      • We design, develop and moderate KOL programs, Symposia, Advisory Boards, and Summits in over 10 countries. “KOL Engagement” done well offers pharma companies highly valuable insights for making strategic decisions about their product’s market success.
      We help you get the expert opinions you need.
    • No one knows your business, products and the patients you support better than you. We merge our experience with your expert view to ensure that you establish key relationships and leverage the advice of experts before making critical decisions about your products.
    • We are experienced pharma professionals.
    • We offer pharma industry expertise from the inside and outside. No theory. All practical, tactical, front line experience and expertise from pre-clinical to Phase 4 research and commercialization.

Our Mission:

We are in business to help organizations and individuals accelerate and showcase their performance to generate quick, positive transformational business results.

We achieve this mission by partnering with our clients to develop effective, flexible solutions that meet their dynamic organizational and business needs. More about P31 Consulting

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