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Life sciences and management consultancies trust P31 to design and deliver solutions that enable accelerated performance and business results.

Wendy Ellis Green

Managing Partner and Co-founder, P31 Consulting, LLC

Wendy has enjoyed a rapidly progressive career in the pharmaceutical industry developing expertise in marketing, marketing research, sales, product management and strategic management.  Wendy earned a dual degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, which enables her to serve as an effective liaison between her clients’ intercompany divisions that specialize in marketing and those that specialize in the technical aspects of information technology.

Wendy enjoys managing innovative, large-scale, global projects for her clients. She has mastered “virtual project management” leading project teams with resources who are based in multiple countries. Wendy even designed a project management plan where she was able to oversee execution of an Asia-based project from the U.S. by adjusting her circadian rhythm to meet that of her Asia-based project team. She proposed this solution so that her client could free-up funds to invest in other high priority initiatives that would have otherwise been canceled due to lack of financial support.

As part of her commitment supporting her clients in successfully meeting their business needs, Wendy employs a dual-focused consultative approach – goal-oriented and customer-focused. She fully integrates herself in all teams with which she collaborates and is thus able to evaluate contingencies from multiple perspectives. Understanding that profitability and productivity come to fruition through various stakeholders, Wendy effectively negotiates terms of relationships across organizational levels to minimize confusion and thwart potential interpersonal difficulties. Commitment to this philosophy ensures successful achievement of her client’s business and project objectives.

Tish Baldez

“We are often successful in spite of ourselves; therefore, we must be intentional at every step.”

— Wendy Ellis Green

Our other partners

Tish BaldezTish Baldez, senior partner and co-founder, has enjoyed a successful 20+ year career of diversified experience in management and leadership training, sales management, project management and sales in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and management consulting industries. More about Tish Baldez

Michael ShankMichael Shank, PhD, partner, is an expert in leadership development, executive education, organizational transformation and business strategy. More about Michael Shank

Anne Fraser, affiliate partner, has extensive experience as a meeting facilitator, coach and problem solver. She has enjoyed a successful and diverse career in the consulting, pharmaceutical and financial industries and has served as part of the management team for two major consulting office start-ups. More about Anne Fraser

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